Top Ten TV Shows of 2015


Following in the footsteps of top ten films of 2015, here are my top ten TV shows of 2015.

10) The Man in the High Castle S1

Amazon Prime’s key release show and on its debut season, it didn’t disappoint.  Based on the book by Philip K. Dick and brought to life by Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files, Hunted) and Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator), the world where the Nazis won the Second World War is brought to life.  I wouldn’t call it a binge watch type show.  I love that it’s a slow burn.  All you have to do is revel in the alternative and unsettling universe.  The Man in the High Castle is worth the time and investment.

9) House of Cards S3

After a shaky start, House of Cards S3 ends strongly.  Once again Kevin Spacey is on top form but it’s Robin Wright as Claire Underwood who demonstrates that she too can be cut-throat as her husband.


8) Scream Queens S1

Steeped in horror clichés, 80s music, a whodunit mystery, Wes Craven style humour and starring the ultimate scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, Scream Queens is a great watch.  The first season is amazing because it never betrays its best feature – it never takes itself seriously.  That’s why it makes the top ten list.

7) Better Call Saul S1

People wondered whether a Breaking Bad spin-off would work.  Well it did.  The first season of Better Call Saul is a revelation.  Forget that it’s a prequel.  Better Call Saul has enough quality to stand on its own feet that it becomes a worthy companion to Breaking Bad.

6) Homeland S5

Homeland just keeps getting better and the action is closer to home.  Set in Berlin, Germany and with a star performance by Miranda Otto, Homeland still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat.

5) Mad Men S7 Part 2

A fitting end to a fantastic series.  I miss this show.


4) Game of Thrones S5

Game of Thrones remains consistent as ever.  It’s a no-brainer that it features on the list for being one of the most depressing seasons in the show’s history.


3) Fargo S2

Personally I loved the first season and didn’t think it would be topped.  But then the second season came along and would argue it’s better than the first!  An amazing piece of drama with great performances by Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Wilson and Bokeem Woodbine.  Following in the footsteps of The Cohen Brothers is a difficult task.  But Fargo has done so well in terms of story that it deserves to stand on its own.

2) Show Me a Hero

Based on a true story, the brilliant and award-winning actor Oscar Issac is the Yonkers’ mayor Nick Wasicsko who has a serious crisis to solve – the subject of building public housing in the white, middle class side of town.  Show Me a Hero exceeds because of its balance by examining the complex issues from both sides of the fence.  From the creator of The Wire (David Simon) and directed by Paul Haggis (Crash, In The Valley of Elah), this six episode drama certainly pulls its emotional weight that will leave you hooked.

1) The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

A documentary series that left me speechless.  The Jinx follows the life of Robert Durst and the allegations on whether he murdered his wife and two other individuals.  The documentary goes through the emotions as Andrew Jarecki and his team piece together the evidence via interviews and crime scene re-enactments.  Did he do it?  You definitely need to watch this if you haven’t.

Honourable Mentions:


    1. Better Call Saul is a definite revelation. The best thing about it is its independence. If you’ve never seen Breaking Bad you can enjoy it without pressure. It works better of course if you’re familiar with Breaking Bad but the balance of the show really works and that’s a rarity.

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