Soundtrack Thursday #45

Today’s soundtrack selection goes to:

‘Main Theme From Home Alone (Somewhere In My Memory)’ – John Williams

Film: Home Alone

Here’s a fact.  It’s not Christmas without Home Alone!

Yet the architect of that musical creation once again belongs to John Williams.  In a film that embraces a slapstick humour to rival a Looney Tunes cartoon, Williams brilliantly conveys an emotional warmth and love with the main theme for Home Alone.

You’re getting two tracks for the price of one.  The mischievous first half beautifully blends with the highly sentimental and melodic second half.  It forms the backbone to the John Hughes/Chris Columbus collaboration and instantly makes it a memorable Christmas classic.  Because as much as Kevin was having fun after being left alone by accident and defending the house from burglars, he always had his family at heart.

So Merry Christmas ya filthy animal and let John Williams take you on a heartfelt journey like he always does.

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