Soundtrack Thursday #38

Today’s soundtrack selection goes to:

Blush Response” – Vangelis

Film: Blade Runner

In the world of Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Michael Giacchino, Vangelis was also a pioneer.

Famous for his electronic, ambient jazz and orchestral music (which won him an Oscar for Chariots of Fire), Vangelis was always a natural fit for Blade Runner.

The Blade Runner soundtrack is iconic.  Nominated for a BAFTA and Golden Globe award, Vangelis beautifully blends the mystery of film noir and a sci-fi futurism.  It perfectly captures the dystopian environment and the melancholy of Deckard’s character.

While the main theme or end credit theme would have been an easy selection choice, ‘Blush Response’ is one of the most underrated tracks on the Blade Runner soundtrack.  It is full of ambience, curiosity and mystery, setting in motion what the film later explores.

Blade Runner is one of the best Philip K. Dick adaptations and one of the best sci-fi films ever created and Vangelis is instrumental to that success.  You can’t imagine the film without his dream-like and imaginative score.  Along with the breathtaking cinematography and a narrative that questions the nature of humanity, the score enhances and elevates the film into a true work of supreme art.

I look forward to see what Blade Runner 2049 does in continuing that legacy.

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