Soundtrack Thursday #33

Today’s soundtrack selection goes to:

Men in Black” – Will Smith

Film: Men in Black

There was a time in the 90s where Will Smith was king of the summer blockbuster.  ‘Mr. Fourth of July’ they use to call him and it’s easy to see why.  From Independence Day to Wild Wild West, his films dominated the opening weekend at the cinemas and Men in Black is a notable addition and celebration.

Debuting at a time when The X-Files dominated TV and government conspiracies was all the rage, Men in Black played its part in the sci-fi phenomenon.  The cinema landscape may have changed over the years and that relinquished title is now in the hands of comic book heroes and cinematic universes.  But Will Smith’s impact with both acting and music contributed to a unprecidented standard for modern blockbuster success.

It’s a song so good, I still know the rap!

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