The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes Review

“Rise to the occasion, feel the power, put on your cape and take a leap.  Imagine what you could create.” – Nathan Sawaya

There’s something beautiful about LEGO.  There’s a simplistic freedom that enables the imagination.  The power of a brick can start an eventful journey into whatever you creatively desire.  Once completed, there is always a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

For brick artist Nathan Sawaya, he takes that simple, artistic accomplishment with LEGO and combine it with the world of DC Comics.  Located on the South Bank in Waterloo, London, his exhibit was extraordinary.  It’s incredible considering that Nathan Sawaya’s former profession was in corporate law!  His world-famous exhibits are a constant recognition of someone who is living the dream and passionately enjoys every single creation.

The Art of the Brick exhibition is a collection that speaks for itself and for the entire ninety minute duration I was in awe.  It’s not everyday you get to see LEGO expressed in a highly creative way and the self-taught sculptor takes every opportunity to present the iconic as well as his own inventive interpretations.  Using over 2,000,000 bricks (and many consumed burritos later) each sculpture is an exploration into the DC Comics mythology.  From objects, iconic poses, vehicles and comic book front covers, the exhibition caters to various forms of display, making it the perfect union between the brands.  Each model comes with a level of difficulty and individual quirk in figuring out the physics.  The dynamic poses of Superman’s cape flowing in the wind or Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth are examples of those challenges and the profound patience in overcoming them.  When you dive a little deeper, each piece represents a psychological examination into the dualities of a superhero.  We may joke about Batman and his shades of grey outfits but grey is the symbolic moral line he walks on, a permanent reminder of responsibility and justice, brought wonderfully to life in Batman: Dark Grey.

The most impressive aspect about the exhibit is Nathan’s ability to balance complex yet recognisable builds with simplistic, almost Picasso interpretations of the Justice League.  In Constructing a Hero, it was amazing to see the DC characters with a lack of familiar definition, cubed by construct.  Because we’re so familiar with their costume colours and basic outlines, Nathan Sawaya relies on our cognitive memories and natural fondness to decipher each artistic character.

By the end of this exhibition, if you don’t feel that inspiring need to buy yourself a LEGO set, I don’t know what will.

Tickets are available now with the exhibition running until Sunday 10th September 2017.  You can book tickets through the official website at:

To explore the gallery below, click on an image to enlarge.



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