Hey everyone

So I know it’s been a while since my last post.  It’s amazing when you come back from a two-week holiday and have to immediately adjust back to reality…

Anyhow, I have been busy and I’m excited to share some news about the upcoming changes to Confessions From a Geek Mind.

One of these changes involves The X-Files.

I’m excited to announce that I’m part of The X-Cast blog team, which is an X-Files fan blog site.  To be asked to join the team is a dream come true, especially when it involves a show I’ve grown up watching.  It’s not everyday you get to talk about your favourite show and I can’t wait to see where my new adventure will take me.

My first post is already live and I’m currently at work finalising my next assignment.  Look out for my posts and some exciting developments from the rest of the team over at The X-Cast Blog.

This does not mean the end of Confessions From a Geek Mind.  What started as a hobby has turned into a pet project and I enjoy every second of it.  So don’t worry, I’ll be returning back to reviews soon enough.  Now that I have my badass Odeon Limitless card, seeing the latest movies shouldn’t be a problem anymore!

The second change is the site itself – I’m going to be doing a makeover.

I’ve had my current theme for a while now and whilst it’s a strong design, it’s time to give the blog a nice, fresh  and spacious feel, giving me more control of the content that I love to share with you.  So don’t panic while these changes go ahead in the next coming days.


The world feels like a strange place right now.  Sometimes it’s hard to express and articulate all the thoughts and emotions.

So I’m just going to leave you and let the legendary Charlie Chaplin say it:

More love. Less hate.

Love you all.




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