Guest Post: The 5 Best Auto-themed Video Games


Hey gang – today’s guest post comes from Tasha Kates.

As a gamer and racing fan, this was hard to resist!  So get your adrenaline in check and start your engines for the Top 5 best auto-themed video games.

Over to you Tasha!

FYI – where’s Need for Speed: Hot Persuit? 🙂

Today’s cars are amazing, but our real-life vehicles don’t give us the chance to take part in street races, go on intense chases and drive in world class racing competitions. Thankfully, we have video games which will allow us to do just that! If you love the adrenaline rush of chasing after a criminal or racing peers on a Formula 1 race track, then take a look at this list of the best auto-themed video games out there – and get racing!

5) Forza Motorsport Series

Creator: Forza Motorsport Series
Original Platform: Xbox

Ah, Forza! With countless cars, a very realistic interface and dozens of customizable features and graphics, Forza continues to improve with every edition. Forza also offers great damage control as well as effects that truly changed the performance of the cars you drive.  Forza allows you, to dapple with cars from top manufacturers and create them in a manner that suits you and your personality.  This deep console racing game is sleek, realistic, and a must-have for any car racing lovers.

4) Grand Theft Auto III and IV

Creator: Rockstar
Original Platform: PlayStation II


This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Grand Theft Auto enterprise. Even though this isn’t only a “car racing game” the effects that GTA has are definitely worth noting. GTA is full of satirical evil cities, badly-tempered people, and car cars that are obviously based on real life models.  This makes the game more thrilling as you meander through roads, knowing that ultimately your car will blow up with a bang in true GTA fashion.

3) Formula 1

Creator: Psygnosis
Platform: PlayStation

Formula 1
You aren’t a true car racing fan if you haven’t dreamed of driving on international race tracks in a Formula 1 car. The original Formula 1 game, void of the gimmicky additions of newer versions is a true racing experience in itself. With tracks from the real Formula 1 seasons, and a commentary by Murray Walker, this video game gave fans the opportunity to feel like a real Formula 1 racecar driver – complete with practice sessions, car customization and qualifying races. Without superficial add on features like arcade mode, this video game is easily a classic, and continues to appease the “real” race car driver.

2) Fast and Furious (2006)

Creator: Eutechnyx
Platform: PS2/PSP

Fast and Furios 2006

The Fast and Furious movies have always been a thrill to watch and the video game is no less. The Fast and Furious 2006 video game is reminiscent of Japanese street racing culture, much like Tokyo Drift itself. While it may not have police and cop features, it does have some great modes and customization effects. These include special LED lights to light up tires and mascots that aptly represent the Japanese modern racing scene. The fact that a lot of the cars in the video game are based on the real cars used to create the movie, including the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, makes it all the more exciting.  While it’s always been fun to watch, the video game now gives aficionados a chance to truly feel a part of some fast and furious action!

1) Mario Kart

Creator: Nintendo
Original Platform: SNES


It was hard to pick a number one, given the variety of awesome auto-themed video games around. In the end though, all versions of the old classic Mario Kart took the cake. With its signature graphics, innovative weapons and plethora of characters, Mario Kart brings back childhood memories from better days while also being suited for some intense friendly competition. Players can ride anything from the little but powerful go-karts, to a form of the more elite Mario Mercedes Benz.  I’m sure all fans agree – the satisfaction of winning that coveted gold trophy at the end of a Mario Kart race is unlike any other!

Now it’s your turn – What are some of the auto-themed video games you love? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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