Top Ten TV Shows of 2014


2014 has been a great year for TV – bit of a shame I haven’t made the time to write some reviews on it!

But that hasn’t stopped my wondering eyes and my keen enthusiasm for TV.  So hit the jump and find out which shows made the list.

10) Doctor Who S8 + Christmas Special 2014

Best episode: The Mummy on the Orient Express and Flatline

People have said this has been disappointing but I’m going to say the exact opposite.  Peter Capaldi has been a fantastic Doctor, unintentionally funny with a dark personality.  Clara is a better rounded character in this series than the previous, ditching the “impossible girl” tag.  The stories  have been darker, reminiscent of old school Who which Capaldi has utilised throughout the series.

9) Homeland S4

Best episode: There’s Something Else Going On

I’m sorry I ever doubted this show.  Whilst the ending of the series was underwhelming, Homeland returned with a bang.  Series 4 proved the show can move forward without Brody and still deliver a compelling storyline that is focused and refreshed.  You will be on the edge of your seat.

8) The Walking Dead S5 Part 1

Best episode: No Sanctuary

Series 5 is shaping up to be the best series so far of the zombie apocalypse show and the shocks keep on coming.  Of course no spoilers from me but it’s great to see the gang moving around instead of being in one place like the previous seasons and they have more to worry about than the zombies themselves.

7) House of Cards S2

Best episode: Chapter 14

If the first episode from Series 2 didn’t get you going, I don’t know what will.  Series 2 is Francis back to his scheming ways and he’s more dangerous than ever.

6) Sherlock S3

Best episode: The Empty Hearse

I’m sure everyone was glued to their screens wondering how Sherlock survived his Reichenbach Fall.  Funny and full of twists, Sherlock S3 showed how great this show has become and how much we love Cumberbatch and Freeman in their respective roles.

5) Hannibal S2

Best episode: Tome-Wan

If there was ever a show that could rapidly turn you into a vegetarian, Hannibal S2 would be the reason for it.  Much better than Series 1 and ends on a cliffhanger that will make you hungry for more – pun intended.

4) The Fall S2

Best episode: Episode 4

2014 was Gillian Anderson’s year and The Fall illustrates how phenomenal she is as an actress.  Stella is back on the case, chasing down Paul Spector as they both play mind games with each other until its dramatic conclusion.

3) Fargo

Best episode: Buridan’s Ass

An original story based around a Coen Brothers classic – get out of town!  Fargo the TV series is dark and hilarious.  Martin Freeman’s humour and Billy Bob Thornton’s no remorse menace will most definitely get the plaudits but praise has got to go to Allison Tolman as Molly, the police officer putting all the pieces together.  Plus Key and Peele are in it and that is always a bonus.

2) Game  of Thrones S4

Best episode: The Laws of Gods and Men / The Mountain and the Viper/ The Watchers on the Wall

Highly addictive and engaging.  No further words needed besides the resolute fact that Series 4 is the best one yet.

I still miss Prince Oberyn 😦

1) True Detective

Best episode: Who Goes There

Any other year, Game of Thrones would have won this but out of the blue comes a very unique crime story starring Woody Harrelson and man of the moment, Matthew McConaughey.  A wicked theme song and drama that brilliantly sucks you in.  There are no doubts in my mind, True Detective was the most satisfying new show from 2014 and I’m eager to see more.


Notable mentions/Just missing out:

  • Community S5 – “ASS…CRACK…BANDIT!” – three words that basically erased how terrible series 4 was.  Welcome back gang, can’t wait to see more of you.
  • Parks and Recreation S3 – Come on BBC, UK viewers are seriously behind on this show.  Need more Swanson in my life.
  • Gotham – is it perfect? No.  Is it fun? Absolutely and watching the Penguin being mischievous is one of the best reasons to keep watching.
  • The Honourable Woman – Hugo Blick delves into secrets and a personal tragedy all set against the backdrop of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  Must watch TV.
  • 24: Live Another Day – Great to see Jack back on the screens again and chasing bad guys in my city.
  • Utopia S2 – A real shame it was cancelled by Channel 4.  A quirky adventure where a group of people discover a conspiracy plot to exterminate the human population via sterilisation.  Great cast, great story – hopefully one day it will come back with a one off special.
  • Mad Men S7 Part 1 – It may be part 1 but still has plenty of class.  Can’t wait to see what the second  half will have in store for my favourite characters.  Going to miss this when its gone.


So what do you think of the choices?  What would you include?  Don’t be shy and comment below 🙂

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  1. I no longer have BBC America, so I’ve been missing out on Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. That and Orphan Black would be towards the top of my list. Just when I’ve gotten sick of all the procedural dramas and ready to give up on television, I got addicted to a lot of the comic book shows – specifically Arrow, The Flash, Agent Carter and Gotham. I’ve been a fan of The Walking Dead from day 1. I also love The Goldbergs and Big Bang Theory.


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