Top Ten Films of 2014


2014 – what a year!  We have been spoilt for choice with the year showcasing cinema at its best.  Sci-fi returned in a big way.  Dramas and documentaries grabbed our attention and emotionally moved us and the usual suspects from the blockbuster films entertained us.  If that film was lucky – that film contained everything I just described!  Let’s just say 2014 has been a real eclectic mix of cinema.

You’ll see some 2013 favourites – don’t panic, blame UK release dates!  The only film I haven’t seen is Nightcrawler – sorry folks.  Heard nothing but amazing things about it.

It’s been difficult to compile my favourite list of movies of 2014 – so I’ve made it a little easy for myself.

I’m not going to give you my top ten…

I’m going to give you my top twenty!

Sit back, relax, hit the jump and use the page links below to find out what was my number one film.

20) Life Itself

Released: 14th November 2014

Touching and moving – two words I would use to describe this powerful documentary about film critic, Roger Ebert.  From the director of Hoop Dreams, one of my favourite documentaries of all time, Life Itself delves into Ebert’s life and career as he courageously battles with cancer before sadly passing away.  Film-makers such as Martin Scorsese, Ava DuVernay and Werner Herzog contribute with their own personal experiences of Roger Ebert.

It’s a documentary worthy of two thumbs up.

19) Godzilla (2014)

Released: 15th May 2014

Finally a Godzilla film I can be proud of!  Whilst the acting was probably too serious and filled with dumb moments, Bryan Cranston, THAT halo jump scene and Godzilla itself showed that the king of the monsters was back.


18) Dallas Buyers Club

Released: 7th February 2014

Dallas Buyers Club was in my top ten for a while but strong competition later and it ends up at number 18.  It may be a simple story in essence but McConaughey and Leto’s performances were the standout, both deserving their Oscar awards.


17) Edge of Tomorrow

Released: 30th May 2014

Who would have thought watching Tom Cruise die over and over again could be so much fun?  That’s what you get in Edge of Tomorrow – great action, great comedy, great sci-fi and most importantly, a good old fashioned kick ass ride.


16) Guardians of the Galaxy

Released: 31st July 2014

Marvel’s surprise hit of the summer and what a treat it was.  It has the same basic Marvel formula that we have gotten use to but Guardians of the Galaxy is proof that not all comic book heroes have to be dark…and how badly I want a dancing Groot toy.  This was essentially Star Wars of the Marvel universe and I hope Star Wars can match it – no pressure JJ.

You’re probably thinking this should be rated higher?  Well, I think there was one Marvel movie that was head and shoulders above the rest.  Find out where that film turned up in this list.


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