Top Ten Bond Themes: Anniversary Special


Hey everyone!

Today is a special day for 2 reasons…

The first reason –  today is my birthday 🙂

No doubt today I’ll be celebrating!

The second reason – exactly one year ago today I started an epic adventure to review every single Bond film.

I’ve had requests in the past to do a Bond theme countdown and what better place to showcase that in a top ten anniversary special.

The quality of the Bond films may vary but the Bond themes are special with some songs more memorable than the film itself.

So here it goes, here are my top ten favourite Bond themes.

10) K.D. Lang – Surrender (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Underrated Bond theme and should have been the official theme for Tomorrow Never Dies.  K.D. Lang nails it.

Tomorrow Never Dies Review

9) Sheena Easton – For Your Eyes Only (For Your Eyes Only)

It’s one of the strongest Bond themes around with Sheena Easton being the first artist to appear during the opening credits of a Bond film.

For Your Eyes Only Review

8) Carly Simon – Nobody Does it Better (The Spy Who Loved Me)

A song that simply sums up Bond and the longevity of the Bond franchise – nobody does it better than James Bond.

The Spy Who Loved Me Review

7) Gladys Knight – Licence to Kill (Licence to Kill)

If there was ever a song that could come close to the iconic Shirley Bassey, then Gladys Knight nails it with Licence to Kill.  Beautiful and powerful – basically everything you want from a Bong song for an underrated Bond film.

Licence to Kill Review

6) Shirley Bassey – Goldfinger (Goldfinger)

What can I say?  It’s the song that sets the tone and legacy for all Bond themes and rightly deserves a place on this list.

Goldfinger Review

5) Duran Duran – A View to a Kill (A View to a Kill)

A 80s classic which I love.  Considering this song and the film was the first Bond film I ever watched as a kid, it would be a crime if it didn’t make this list!

A View to a Kill Review

4) Shirley Bassey – Moonraker (Moonraker)

I know what you’re thinking – the theme from Moonraker over Goldfinger? Yep that’s right.  I love how laid back Shirley Bassey’s voice is which perfectly sets the overall mood of the film.

Moonraker Review

3) Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice (You Only Live Twice)

Despite the film being average (and I still love the film for what it is), this song is one of the best things to come out of it.  Nancy Sinatra beautifully combines with John Barry and his orchestra with the classic Bond tones and a mixture of Japan.

It’s also the perfect Sunday morning track 🙂

You Only Live Twice Review

2) Louis Armstrong / John Barry – We Have All the Time in the World / On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Theme (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)

Ok – I’ve cheated here but only because On Her Majesty’s Secret Service has two outstanding Bond themes.  John Barry creates a song full of adventure and espionage whereas Louis Armstrong brings the heart and emotion of the film.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Review

1) Aha – The Living Daylights (The Living Daylights)

Despite Aha and John Barry having their differences, The Living Daylights is the perfect balance of 80s pop and Bond’s grand themes.  Absolutely love this song!

The Living Daylights Review

Have a great day!


  1. I’ll echo the other comment and agree that it’s great to hear the Dalton songs, which rarely appear on these lists. But no Live and Let Die? Is it bad that I don’t remember the Moonraker theme or KD Lang song?


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