Top Ten Robot Chicken Sketches


Happy Sunday everyone!

The Geek is back and this time Robot Chicken gets the Top Ten treatment.

Robot Chicken (created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich) is a stop motion animated show shown on Adult Swim (and in the UK on Syfy).  Using toy figurines of popular geek characters from the film and TV world, the show parodies the geek characters and presents them in a new comedic light.  Think of it as the anti Toy Story!

Some of their sketches can be a hit and miss but when they get it right with the added bonus of celebrity voices, it’s definitely memorable.  Presented without comment – sit back, relax and laugh as Robot Chicken pokes fun at the geek culture.

10) When you invite that one friend who ends up ruining the party…

9) Gummy Bears – taste so good that they are endangered species…

8) Try to be a little sensitive with your menu orders…

7) Darth Vader shares our forever lasting and annoying frustration with Jar Jar Binks…

6) Ever watched a procedural cop show and thought “it’s just the same as everything else, they might as well speak chicken!”

5) Lex Luthor and his “flawless” design

4) Marty – there is nothing wrong with the Delorean…

3) I have altered the deal…

2) Boba Fett’s has the worst nighmare ever…

1) Batman should stop playing  games with Two Face…

Just missing out:

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