The Geek in Offline Mode :-(


Life can be frustrating…

Work commitments, the lovely weather in London, the World Cup (don’t get me started on England / Nigeria – come on Brazil!) have been distractions from blogging.

Then when you’re finally in the mood to finalise your next couple of blog posts…you come down with an energy sapping cold 😦

So this blog post is just to let you know that I haven’t abandoned you but will be taking a couple more days to recuperate and relax – something which I haven’t done in a while.

And I have some great reviews lined up…starting with my thoughts on Game of Thrones S4 and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In the words of The Terminator – “I’ll Be Back.”



    1. Thanks Mikey! Born in England, parents are Nigerian so I have affinity with both countries. England – well we did try, just didn’t take our chances. Defensively we were awful and Costa Rica might have a field day.

      Nigeria – we did perform better last night but somehow it never felt convincing. I really hope Ghana go the distance, they were amazing against Germany. The whole of Africa including me are behind them 😀


      1. Thanks Mikey! I want us to do well but we have to face Messi soon and I don’t trust our defence against that genius lol. Ghana probably has a realistic chance – always entertaining and a constant threat.

        I think there should be a new rule implemented in the World Cup – if you score a goal, you must dance like Asamoah Gyan!


    1. Totally! Then when you find the time, tickets are expensive. When I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past, 2 tickets cost over £30! It wasn’t even IMAX pricing, just a normal showing. Good thing I really enjoyed the film.


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