Top Ten Feel Good Musical Moments


It’s Friday!  What better way to celebrate the weekend with my latest top ten list.

This list is designed to make you feel happy, so stop playing that Pharrell Williams track and let the movies (for once) entertain you.

The general rule of thumb:

  1. Has to have singing/dancing or both
  2. It makes you smile 🙂
  3. Musicals are banned (otherwise Singin’ in the Rain would win it)

10) Napoleon Dynamite: Canned Heat

The geekiest dance you will EVER see.

9) Pulp Fiction: Never Can Tell

Come on – don’t lie to yourself and say you’ve never done one move out of this dance!

8) Wayne’s World: Bohemian Rhapsody

Prepare yourself for a headache – all for the right reasons.

7) The Mask: Cuban Pete

It’s the only way to avoid arrest from the cops!  Should be a feature in every GTA game…

6) The Breakfast Club: We Are Not Alone

I miss the 80s…

5) Three Amigos: My Little Buttercup

A dance number so good it’s intimidating.

4) 500 Days of Summer: You Make My Dreams (Come True)

Every day should start and end like this.

3) Beetlejuice: Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)

Being possessed adds a new twist to your dinner parties.

2) Way Out West: At the Ball

Best comedy duo – FACT.

1) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Anything Goes

The first Indiana Jones film I watched as a kid.  This film deserves love – because Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DID NOT HAPPEN.

Other Notable Mentions:

Don’t forget, if you have a top ten list I should work on, feel free to contact me.

Happy Friday folks 😀




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