Things we learnt from The Oscars 2014

What’s up party people!  Hope you enjoyed the Oscars.  While I may not have stayed up and watched through the night, I can’t really complain on the award winners.  It just goes to show how great the films were in 2013.  There were diverse in subject matter, actors stepped up their game, actresses ‘layeth the smacketh down’ and visual effects more beautiful than ever.

So let this post be a celebration of the night and lets have some fun.  Here are the best moments from the night.

J-Law – tripping up at the Oscars is her thing now, but we still love her 🙂


Lupita, Amy and Meryl Streep know how to get DOWN and funky.




Benedict Cumberbatch = the king of photobombs!

cumberbatch photobomb

In fact, the “Cumberbombing” is so powerful, he’s turned up in unusual places…

cumberbatch photobomb 1

cumberbatch photobomb 2

cumberbatch photobomb 3

That’s right history – YOU’VE BEEN CUMBERBATCHED!

Bill Murray paying tribute to his friend and Ghostbusters co-star, Harold Ramis.  Top man!


Poor Leo – what exactly do you have to do to win an Oscar?

Poor Leo

Social media naturally showed their solidarity…and made us laugh in the process.

poor leo 2

poor leo (The Departed)

Don’t worry Leo – WHEN (not if) you win your Oscar…the internet will blow up MASSIVELY.  We still believe in you!

And finally…BEST. SELFIE. EVER!

Oscar Selfie

Via [Buzzfeed]

Congrats to all the winners.


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