Why I love the Golden Globes…

Because of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler 🙂


Author: Kelechi Ehenulo

Kelechi Ehenulo is the creator and writer of Confessions From A Geek Mind, an analytical film and TV blog. As a freelance film critic, her work can be found on Set The Tape - an independent pop culture website, VultureHound Magazine and podcasts such as The X-Cast, Close Encounters of the Film Kind, The Movie Palace Pod and The Tales We Tell podcast. She thinks Batman: The Animated Series is the best cartoon ever (and that is not up for debate) and loves science-fiction, LEGO and Tottenham Hotspur.

5 thoughts

      1. The shame of that line, which I think easily Fey’s best of the night (not that I actually watched the whole program, mind you), was that my wife didn’t understand it. She hasn’t seen Captain Phillips yet, so when I couldn’t stop laughing, she thought I was completely insane.


      2. It’s so good. Your wife definitely needs to watch Captain Phillips. I laughed out loud when Julia Dreyfus sat with the movie stars and acted like a diva. “Remember us – you use to be on TV!”


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