Guest Post: Top 5 Films You Watch at Christmas Without Fail – Dan’s Choices


Another guest post time 🙂

This time it comes from Dan from Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews.  It’s another great read on the blog community so please check it out.

Dan has also provided an awesome list for Christmas time movies and I feel honoured that he took part.  So without further ado, Dan – what films do you watch at Christmas without fail?  Answers below.

5. A Muppets Christmas Carol – Personally, I am a huge Muppets fan, so for them to tackle one of the best, most iconic Christmas tales of all-time, was like a present in and of itself for me. Also, the fact that Michael Caine is playing Ebeneezer and doing his usual act, just made it all the better of a watch and one of my favorites.


4. Home Alone – Pretty standard stuff here, although, I do have to say that over the years, this movie has grown closer and closer to me as I get older, and remember all of the good days when I used to day dream about me myself being placed into Kevin’s position. Of course, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern provide plenty of laughs for the whole family, but Macaulay Culkin, all jokes aside, really does kill it here as Kevin and makes you wonder just where that star-power of his went. Maybe he’ll come back and show us something of his skills we never knew he had.


3. Elf – Saw this back in the theaters when I was just a little tike, and nowadays, I watch it every year. It never gets old, unquotable, and/or boring to watch. There’s always a little something new to pick at here and there, and the fact that James Caan is playing Will Ferrell’s dad, just makes it all the more awesome. More of him always goes a long way.


2. Titanic – This one’s a bit of a cheat because while I don’t watch the whole thing on Christmas (how could I?), whenever it’s on TV, I always keep it on for quite some time. I personally love this movie and always watch it whenever I see it, which is, oddly enough, usually around the holidays; so of course, I just love treating everybody to the sight of Jack, Rose, the iceberg and Billy Zane. Now how could you go wrong with that?


1. A Christmas Story – Yeah, I know. It’s the most conventional piece of holiday motion-pictures to choose, but I don’t care. I love this movie, and best of all, I love watching it on Christmas. Even that 24-hour-loop they have going on, I don’t care! I’ll still watch it and love it to the end of my days! Joy to the world!



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