Soundtrack Thursday #42

Today’s soundtrack selection goes to:

Selina Transforms – Part II’ – Danny Elfman

Film: Batman Returns

If you asked me which Tim Burton Batman film I preferred, it would be Batman Returns and over the years it certainly has aged very well.  I often return to watching it, especially around Christmas and there’s plenty to admire about the film.  Michael Keaton delivers an underrated performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman but Batman Returns also represents the constant identity struggle between the three lead characters of Batman, Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Penguin (Danny DeVito).  Director Tim Burton manages to capture that balance that’s equally effective and tragic.

As a long time collaborator of Tim Burton’s work, composer Danny Elfman brings that vision to life.  In ‘Selina Transforms – Part II’, he captures the slow descent towards Selina’s breakdown until she finally succumbs to the rage.  It’s a powerful and memorable moment, and it doesn’t matter how many Batman iterations there are, this will always hold a place in the Batman history.

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