Top Ten Samuel L. Jackson’s Hairdos and Looks


To celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (and my upcoming review of the film), my next top ten list is dedicated to the coolest actor in Hollywood – Mr. Samuel L. Jackson.

But this is not any normal list. Oh hell no! Because with Samuel L. Jackson, he doesn’t just play the role – he owns it…from head to toe. This is a celebration of Samuel L. Jackson’s most memorable hairdos and looks.

10) Rev. Fred Sultan – The Great White Hype

Samuel L. Jackson - The Great White HypeI’ll always remember this film for Jamie “you ain’t my daddy…are you?” Foxx but anyone who can get away with playing a crooked businessman whilst looking like he escaped from Aladdin’s lamp, Samuel L. Jackson is your man!

9) Danny Roman – The Negotiator

Samuel L. Jackson - The NegotiatorFire in his belly with an orange/brown haircut, this is one of Samuel L. Jackson’s best performances.

8) Mace Windu – Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy

Samuel L. Jackson - Star Wars Prequel TrilogyIf you only have one reason to watch any of the Star Wars prequel films (because let’s be honest you’re not doing it for Jar Jar Binks) then it’s Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu. Wise like Yoda and cool as a cucumber in his jedi clothing, he’s the only actor to ask for a different coloured lightsabre. Still pisses me off Anakin killed him when everyone knows Mace Windu would have owned him.

7) Elijah Price – Unbreakable

Samuel L. Jackson - UnbreakableAnother underrated performance by Samuel L. Jackson as the wheelchair bound, brittle boned and mysterious Elijah Price. But in terms of his look, his Afro with the side part is straight out of the 70s.

6) Zeus Carver – Die Hard with a Vengeance

Samuel L. Jackson - Die Hard with a VengeanceWhite shirt and glasses, Zeus Carver is the reluctant helper of John McClane. It’s one of the better Die Hard movies because of Samuel L. Jackson.

5) Lazarus – Black Snake Moan

Samuel L. Jackson - Black Snake Moan“Get yo ass back in my house!” Another underrated performance in an underrated film! Samuel L. Jackson as the God-fearing bluesman aiming to cure Christina Ricci’s Rae from her wickedness. His grey haired looks are full of experience, wisdom and helpfulness…even if he has your ass chained up!

4) Frozone – The Incredibles

Samuel L. Jackson - The IncrediblesWho says this list is only for live action films because Samuel L. Jackson as an animated character is still awesome. The Incredibles is my favourite Disney/Pixar movie and him lending his voice to this brilliant character is a match made in heaven.  Just don’t misplace his super suit!

3) Nick Fury – The Avengers

Samuel L. Jackson - The AvengersNick Fury – dressed in black and wears an eye patch = badass personified. That is all.

2) Ordell Robbie – Jackie Brown

Samuel L.Jackson - Jackie BrownOnly Samuel L. Jackson can pull off long hair and a goatee beard in the same film. Always perfectly cast in a Quentin Tarantino film, this womanizing, gun loving guy can’t be trusted and it doesn’t matter if you’re his friend or not. If you interfered with business, you’re taken care of.

1) Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction

Samuel L. Jackson - Pulp Fiction“Oh I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?” – this choice is a no-brainer! This jheri curl, suit wearing, philosophising hitman is just iconic.

That’s all from me and remember folks…

Samuel L. Jackson - Not Laurence Fishburne


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