Top Ten Films of 2014

10) The LEGO Movie

Released: 14th February 2014

Ok, I need to get this off my chest – THIS FILM WAS ROBBED OF AN OSCAR NOMINATION!

But speaking highly of the film, this film is awesome.  I didn’t expect much when it was first announced.  However, with great LEGO characters and a good storyline, The LEGO Movie captures the imagination with its geeky attention to detail, making it a worthwhile watch.



9) The Raid 2

Released: 11th April 2014

It’s the most violent action film I’ve seen all year!  Building off the strengths from the first film, our hero has to go undercover into the criminal underworld to bring them down.  I will have no doubt you will be watching this in “edge of seat” mode because this film puts most action films to shame.


8) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Released: 12th December 2014

The naysayers can say what they want, but I’ve enjoyed The Hobbit franchise with The Battle of the Five Armies easily the best one.  Action packed and heartfelt, it was the perfect end to one trilogy and the perfect introduction to The Fellowship of the Ring.

Goodbye Middle Earth, it’s been fun.


7) X-Men: Days of Future Past

Released: 22nd May 2014

A film that presses the giant reset button on the X-Men franchise, completely erasing the painful memory of X-Men 3: The Last Stand.  With an outstanding cast, a carefully constructed storyline and a show stealing performance by Evan Peters as Quicksilver, you can finally say that X-Men is back on the right track.


6) The Grand Budapest Hotel

Released: 7th March 2014

Quirky, fun and the most “Wes Anderson” Wes Anderson film you will ever see.  I must book in some time to write a review for The Grand Budapest Hotel but you will have a blast watching this film. Great to see Ralph Fiennes on top form.

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