Top Ten Films of 2014

15) How to Train Your Dragon 2

Released: 10th July 2014

It’s nice to see a big budget animated film take risks with its characters and storyline and it paid off in a highly entertaining sequel.


14) Inside Llewyn Davis

Released: 24th January 2014

Showing no signs of weakness, The Coen Brothers returned with a reflective film about the 1960s folk scene, seen through the eyes of a young folk singer, Llewyn Davis.  Enjoy the music and Oscar Issac’s performance.


13) 20 Feet from Stardom

Released: 28th March 2014

If you want an example of a great documentary, then look no further than 20 Feet from Stardom.  It explores the life and talent of back up singers who were behind some of the best and recognisable songs in popular music and the obstacles they faced when they wanted to become a star.

12) Locke

Released: 18th April 2014

It’s Tom Hardy in his best acting performance.  No further words needed – just go watch.


11) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Released: 26th March 2014

Hands down, this is the best Marvel film yet.  It’s ridiculously good and a game changer.  Chris Evans shows what an inspired choice he is for the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America, the soldier who is out of place and time as he adjusts in the modern, technological world.  Great development with the characters and most importantly, we finally see Cap lead and make his own orders which sets up his re-introduction in the next Avengers movie an interesting prospect.


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