Celebrating 20 Years of The X-Files (Part 3): The XF3 Wish List


Teaser Poster for The X-Files: I Want to Believe

It’s easy to point out the reasons as to why The X-Files: I Want to Believe wasn’t a massive success domestically in the US (internationally it faired very well).  Yes releasing the film one week after the most anticipated comic book movie in 2008, The Dark Knight did not help matters but you also have to look at your own product.

I’m not going to bash I Want to Believe because I did actually like it.  It’s not a bad film and I loved seeing Mulder and Scully back on the big screen again.  I still watch it and respect it.  But I absolutely love the mythology!  Whilst the film was written with great heart and superbly acted by David and Gillian, I can understand if majority of fans walked into the cinema expecting a conspiracy based story but got a monster of week episode that’s not as strong as some of the stories they did on the show (e.g. Home for example).

The truth is, I Want to Believe felt more like a Millennium movie than an X-Files movie – Mulder became Frank Black, gifted profiler trying to balance out the events from the show’s ending, his relationship with Scully and his natural inquisition to help people and solve cases.  Scully became Catherine Black (Frank’s wife), a person who accepts her partner’s abilities but wants to move forward and forget about searching in the darkness again.  They have a new life and she doesn’t want those bad things in their home.  I guess that’s why I Want to Believe still resonates with me because we got further development of Mulder and Scully as characters and how their own tragic pursuit of the truth has shaped them.  I Want to Believe was more of a personal adventure for our heroes and was definitely the strongest highlight in the movie. If they can take that emotional aspect from the second film and apply it to the new mythology film (a film that everybody wants), you could potentially have a nice balance.

Also, promote the film!  You can’t just rely on the fans to spread the message about a new film.  In the UK, TV spots were run close midnight (after everyone had gone to bed) and there was hardly a poster on the underground or in a newspaper (compared to the first movie where advertisement for the film was everywhere).  To be fair, the first movie came out during the peak of its popularity but you still need the awareness that a film is coming out.  So if marketing budget is limited, why not come up with creative ways to advertise it?  Use twitter, Facebook, QR codes and social networks for promotion.  How about homepage takeovers of popular websites?  But avoid (like the plague) teaser trailer of a teaser trailer – that’s just annoying.


  1. X-files was my first geek love too. I still watch the show to this day. Every week I looked forward to turning out all the lights and watching my fave show. I still do that. Thank goodness it is on Netflix.
    I recently discovered the comic books and have been enjoying them immensely! How did I not know these existed?! Happy day.


    1. Thanks for the comment Jennifer 🙂

      The X-Files will always continue to be a fantastic show. In many ways I still miss it. But it’s great to see how people are discovering it and becoming fans themselves and that’s the real legacy of the show. The new comics are amazing and I’m glad you’ve discovered it. Can’t wait for issue #5. Just need the the entire series on blu-ray – it would be great to see this show get the high definition treatment.


      1. Yeah. It was easier back in the day to watch The X-Files – no twitter, no facebook, no smartphones, no on-demand/catch-up services. Just a dial up internet connection that took 5 mins to load a page and a VHS player just to record an episode of the show. Because once it aired, you never saw it again. Harder to spoil anything back then! Now…spoilers are everywhere because the whole world assumes you’ve seen it. Any new episode of any show that I haven’t seen, I’m off twitter for 24hrs.

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      2. Exactly. Plus it’s better to discover something by watching it yourself. If you constantly relied on someone’s opinion, you yourself never get to judge it. Everyone’s TV experience is different.

        When are you going to start watching XF S2? For me that’s when my love affair with the show started to grow on me. Had it’s fair share of creepy, scary stuff that gave me nightmares as a kid 😐

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    1. Glad to hear it. Season 2 has some brilliant gems. One of my favourite episode from that season was Duane Barry. It’s a good thing Gillian Anderson became pregnant during the early seasons because the mythology went to a game changing level.

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      1. Wow! You’re really binge-watching your way through this series lol. S2 = the season that made me a believer. I think my favourite seasons are S4 and S5 and you’ll see why when you eventually reach there.

        Heads up, don’t forget the two movies as part of the watch. First movie – watch after you’ve finished S5. Second movie – watch after S9 and before S10.

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