Celebrating 20 Years of The X-Files (Part 3): The XF3 Wish List


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Issue #1 of The X-Files Season 10 Comics

If you haven’t read the new X-Files Season 10 comics, I suggest you do.  The reason is because they are absolutely brilliant.  When I was younger I use to read and collect the original Topps comics that used to appear in the Official X-Files magazine.  So seeing The X-Files back in comic book mode was exciting and intriguing because it is continuing on from where the series and the last movie left off.  I’m happy to report that it doesn’t disappoint.  Even though it is 22 pages (far too short) it gives Season 9 some needed credibility and does well to re-establish the mythology.  Heck, the current comic storyline, “Believers” already feels like XF3!

There’s no confirmation on how long the Season 10 comics will last.  Whether they will stretch out stories for Season 11 or whether this is just a one-off to celebrate twenty years of the show, they should grab the opportunity to use the medium to plant hints or storylines to help build for a potential new movie.  With the majority of films in the cinema now dominated by comic book adaptations, getting The X-Files back in the public’s mind-set can only be a good thing.  It helps with awareness and it brings the casual viewers back up to speed, something that might have let down I Want to Believe when expectations for the film was for the mythology instead of the monster of the week formula which the film produced.


  1. X-files was my first geek love too. I still watch the show to this day. Every week I looked forward to turning out all the lights and watching my fave show. I still do that. Thank goodness it is on Netflix.
    I recently discovered the comic books and have been enjoying them immensely! How did I not know these existed?! Happy day.


    1. Thanks for the comment Jennifer 🙂

      The X-Files will always continue to be a fantastic show. In many ways I still miss it. But it’s great to see how people are discovering it and becoming fans themselves and that’s the real legacy of the show. The new comics are amazing and I’m glad you’ve discovered it. Can’t wait for issue #5. Just need the the entire series on blu-ray – it would be great to see this show get the high definition treatment.


      1. Yeah. It was easier back in the day to watch The X-Files – no twitter, no facebook, no smartphones, no on-demand/catch-up services. Just a dial up internet connection that took 5 mins to load a page and a VHS player just to record an episode of the show. Because once it aired, you never saw it again. Harder to spoil anything back then! Now…spoilers are everywhere because the whole world assumes you’ve seen it. Any new episode of any show that I haven’t seen, I’m off twitter for 24hrs.

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      2. Exactly. Plus it’s better to discover something by watching it yourself. If you constantly relied on someone’s opinion, you yourself never get to judge it. Everyone’s TV experience is different.

        When are you going to start watching XF S2? For me that’s when my love affair with the show started to grow on me. Had it’s fair share of creepy, scary stuff that gave me nightmares as a kid 😐

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    1. Glad to hear it. Season 2 has some brilliant gems. One of my favourite episode from that season was Duane Barry. It’s a good thing Gillian Anderson became pregnant during the early seasons because the mythology went to a game changing level.

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      1. Wow! You’re really binge-watching your way through this series lol. S2 = the season that made me a believer. I think my favourite seasons are S4 and S5 and you’ll see why when you eventually reach there.

        Heads up, don’t forget the two movies as part of the watch. First movie – watch after you’ve finished S5. Second movie – watch after S9 and before S10.

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